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I believe in an organic approach to health, including personal accountability. I am a personal trainer, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and I teach bootcamps, back and abs classes, TRX suspension training and Piyo- an athletic blend of yoga pilates, dance and more. I graduated Sonoma State University with my BS in Kinesiology, exercise science, and am in the process of getting my MBA from JFKU. California isn't a place- its a state of being ;)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

a Little Background- The health and Fitness Story of Me

I'm pretty sure @ this point I have no "followers" but regardless.
As a child I was active, I danced ballet, played soccer, played most sports after school on the "b" team. I was always outside with my brothers and cousins and neighborhood kids, trying this sport or that. In high school, I would go to the gym everyday, but hated PE. I would never have titled me an athlete, in fact there were many other titles I'm sure I earned.
My first year of college I didn't play soccer for the school because I was actually kinda a slacker. The first year of college actually changed my life. My aunt who was then 48, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Watching what cancer did to her was one of the worst things I have ever seen a human endure. She passed away June 7, 2004. Shortly after on July 3rd, my mother died from unknown causes at the age of 46. Growing up I had often seen my mother struggle with her health,weight and emotional health. Her side of the family was prone to obesity and many other health problems. When I found out she had died, I was less then shocked. The last of the life changing events was a car accident that I was severely injured on Sept 4, 2004. Another car came into my lane and hit us head on. While I was less injured then other passengers, my attempt to press the brakes left my ankle shattered. My ankle/left leg was put back together with pins and screws, I had staples closing both knees, and broken bones in my right foot. Spending those next 3 months unable to walk, and do much besides lay in bed due to pain medication were some of the toughest moments in my life. There were times I was in a wheelchair and was often told I would never run again.
I realized that life is a choice. I chose to regain my strength in my leg and health. I was determined to lose the 20 lbs I gained from being immobile and could be found on a recumbent bike with the walking boot on. I didn't know anything about weightlifting or the proper way to work out, but I did know how to eat right. I began to take courses in nutrition during this time. My journey through junior college involved gaining strength to walk and hike in beautiful San Luis Obispo, eventually run, and get back to waitressing. Unfortunately the screw in my ankle began to back out, and the head of the screw could be felt and was very painful. In June 2007 I had my last ankle surgery, with a longer then expected recovery of 6 months instead of 2 weeks. This marked my move back to northern California to Attend Sonoma State

Once at Sonoma State, I learned about anatomy, how the body ages and works, and got my Personal Training certification in 2008. My degree in Pre-Physical therapy and determination helped me strengthen my once smashed ankle to the point of being able to leg press 270+ pounds 3 sets of 10, and run for over 45 minutes. In the future I plan on running a 5k, and 10k. Determination, dedication, passion and personal accountability helped me accomplish these things. I have the threat of a short life looking over my head genetically, but following the lead of my father, staying active and taking care of my health will help me reach old age. I get excited every time I workout that I am blessed enough to be able to not just stand but move and challenge my muscles and bones in new and exciting ways. I hope to inspire others and share the hope I know exists!

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