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I believe in an organic approach to health, including personal accountability. I am a personal trainer, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and I teach bootcamps, back and abs classes, TRX suspension training and Piyo- an athletic blend of yoga pilates, dance and more. I graduated Sonoma State University with my BS in Kinesiology, exercise science, and am in the process of getting my MBA from JFKU. California isn't a place- its a state of being ;)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

If you do the same thing, you will get the same results

During a few different conversations this concept has come to light, along with "work smarter, not harder"
Many times people have habits that equate to certain results. Some are good, some are bad, and some are just mediocre. In order to excel, we have to try new things and break the mold.
The benefits of doing the same "good" thing is that you do get the same "good" results. Many times this can be a health habit that people stop doing! In order to stay fit, maintaining some good habits is essential. On the flipside, the human body adapts and the same results are no longer enough to recieve the new level of stimulation our bodies need. Also, sometimes "good" can be frustrating when we want "great". This is why the fitness market is ever developing new equipment and exercise classes. (and this is why things like the TRX are so beneficial, they are new and ever challenging because the amt of exercises are never limited). if you know that hiking for an hour everyday makes you fit and healthy, then do the same thing to get the same results!!
Other bad habits get the same bad results. If you dont want to burn your hand, don't touch the stove! Despite the seemingly obvious answer that sitting on the couch eating junk will make you gain weight, once a certain level of acheivement is reached, laziness can set back in.
This months challenge is to do new things to get new results. The potential is worth it!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back and Abs workout (9/8/10)

leg lowers- 10
bicycles- 30sec, rest, 30 sec
reverse crunches 3 sets of 10
crunches 10
opp arm touches-10/side
butterfly crunches-3x10
butterfly w rotation -2x10
crunches 5
russian twists 2x16
double crunch 3x10
oblique dbl crunch 2x8/side
reverse bridge 20sec, 10 raises with each leg
side plank- 2x30sec per side
up downs 2x10
kneeling opposite knee/elbow touches2x8 per side alternating
Plank w leg raises, 2x20s
Mt Climbers 2x30s

Monday, September 6, 2010

oh hello detox


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

sample ab workout for beginner

This was for a small class- about 20 ppl, average age was 40. Not the most intense hardcore workout, but a good place for a begginner to spend about half hour on their core withouth any equipment. Always talk to your doctor before starting any exercise program, and form is everything, Using the muscles instead of momentum
Plank- 20 seconds, rest for 5, 20 seconds, rest for 5, 20seconds
(rest is sitting back on your heels in childs pose
Opposite arm and leg touchs- On all 4, bring right hand directly out from shoulder, left leg directly back from hips,cul in to have meet elbow to knee- 10 times, switch sides, repeat
Right Side Plank for 20sec- rotating to center plank for 20sec, and then left side plank for 20sec. repeat for a total of 3x,
child's pose- 5 seconds
superman 20 sec, rest 5sec, total of 3x
Mt climber's- 1 minute
bicycles, 30 sec, rest 5, repeat
oblique crunch- lay legs to right side, hips stacked, shoulders still flat on mat, curl til shoulder blades are off mat, staring directly at top hip. 10 each side, repeat.
15 crunches
reverse crunch- 2x15
reverse bride, 15 sec, raise right leg, raise and lower 8 ex per leg, then roll down 1 vertebrae at a time
bring heels toward bottom, raise shoulder blades off mat, keep hands at sides, touching each heel ike a turtle stuck on its shell
30 sec, 2x
15 crunches, 10 crunches, 5 crunches
>russian twises- 2x30sec
legs in the air, bring right hand to left knee, 10x each side, 10 reverse crunches, 10x each side,10 reverse crunches.
child's pose, upward dog, legs lowered to right looking over Left arm, switch. and do some cardio <3