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Thursday, June 10, 2010

In my excitement over the wonderful and healthy groceries I purchased it occurred to me another way to explain how we should view the choices we make about our food. In moving back to walnut creek, some of my friends growing up didn't make good choices, and in general I avoid bad influences. I don't hang out with people who are going to get me in trouble, or with whom I would be guilty by association. Everyone knows to keep good company, it reflects upon you.
Well keep good food company as well. There are diet culprits and saboteurs, when grocery shopping, these types of food needs to be kept out!
If I know I am allowed one cheat meal, and that I will be working all weekend, I plan on purchasing lunches to bring with me that don't defeat my diet. They keep the bad influences out! This is relatively easy and cheap to do. For breakfast, cereal is convenient, quick, and cheap. Starting off with a good breakfast gives me the energy I need and helps maintain a constant blood sugar level. Special K has a new protein one I'm giving a shot. Let's start the calorie count... To lose weight, for my ht, activity level, weight and goals my budget is 1600-1800. Breakfast =300. I can have a naked or odwalla juice on my 10 minute break and 2 60cal string cheeses, so 10 minute break =350 lunch break is a bit bigger meal, salad (250cal) and a sandwich (200-300cal). That's about 1200 cals to get me through my entire day. This also allows more freedom from dinner, which now can be a heavier meal weighing in at 400-600 calories.
When grocery shopping, I didn't have all of this planned out by the numbers because I have made a lifestyle of eating well. I knew I needed to eat one salad a day, I LOVE special K. I also knew I'd need some sugar and protein on my break, and that I'd be starving by my lunch break so I'd want more.
When shopping I did deliberate on some of my "cheat" choices. I do have a sweet tooth, so I got blueberries to satisfy that urge, but that would also do something good for me nutritionally. I got sun chips to have with salsa, and I got whole wheat bunnies by Anne's organic food. The thing is I looked at the 100 calorie packs, and knew they'd give me a sugar spike then let me down... and ultimately not be a "team player" for my goals. They'd be like inviting criminals into my nutritional home. $60 dollars of groceries that would keep my diet, energy and budget on track with only 2 minutes of planning sets me up for success!
So the key points, make your food work for you (recognize healthy choices and make them), know what you need going in, and keep good company :)

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