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I believe in an organic approach to health, including personal accountability. I am a personal trainer, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and I teach bootcamps, back and abs classes, TRX suspension training and Piyo- an athletic blend of yoga pilates, dance and more. I graduated Sonoma State University with my BS in Kinesiology, exercise science, and am in the process of getting my MBA from JFKU. California isn't a place- its a state of being ;)

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Feeling hungry?
There are many studies that show what happen to the brain when we exercise, but what happens when we eat? Everyone's heard of women who run to chocolate to comfort them, but besides high fat, high sugar foods, there are some that are mood lifters. Another common example are cranky children who need a snack.In general, whole grain foods and a good breakfast will always help maintain a constant blood sugar level which aids in maintaining a good mood!
When you treat your body with respect, and take care of what you put into it, you feel better about yourself!


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