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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

sample ab workout for beginner

This was for a small class- about 20 ppl, average age was 40. Not the most intense hardcore workout, but a good place for a begginner to spend about half hour on their core withouth any equipment. Always talk to your doctor before starting any exercise program, and form is everything, Using the muscles instead of momentum
Plank- 20 seconds, rest for 5, 20 seconds, rest for 5, 20seconds
(rest is sitting back on your heels in childs pose
Opposite arm and leg touchs- On all 4, bring right hand directly out from shoulder, left leg directly back from hips,cul in to have meet elbow to knee- 10 times, switch sides, repeat
Right Side Plank for 20sec- rotating to center plank for 20sec, and then left side plank for 20sec. repeat for a total of 3x,
child's pose- 5 seconds
superman 20 sec, rest 5sec, total of 3x
Mt climber's- 1 minute
bicycles, 30 sec, rest 5, repeat
oblique crunch- lay legs to right side, hips stacked, shoulders still flat on mat, curl til shoulder blades are off mat, staring directly at top hip. 10 each side, repeat.
15 crunches
reverse crunch- 2x15
reverse bride, 15 sec, raise right leg, raise and lower 8 ex per leg, then roll down 1 vertebrae at a time
bring heels toward bottom, raise shoulder blades off mat, keep hands at sides, touching each heel ike a turtle stuck on its shell
30 sec, 2x
15 crunches, 10 crunches, 5 crunches
>russian twises- 2x30sec
legs in the air, bring right hand to left knee, 10x each side, 10 reverse crunches, 10x each side,10 reverse crunches.
child's pose, upward dog, legs lowered to right looking over Left arm, switch. and do some cardio <3

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