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I believe in an organic approach to health, including personal accountability. I am a personal trainer, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and I teach bootcamps, back and abs classes, TRX suspension training and Piyo- an athletic blend of yoga pilates, dance and more. I graduated Sonoma State University with my BS in Kinesiology, exercise science, and am in the process of getting my MBA from JFKU. California isn't a place- its a state of being ;)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Being sick and working out

With the rain coming and upcoming winter holidays I wanted to remind everyone when to stop pushing yourself in a go-go-go society. If you are sick and it is below your neck, ie throat,lungs, or stomach don't work out! If it is congestion sometimes the air being forced through the airways helps to loosen it, as well as get the blood pumping and flushing out toxins.
Here are some at home remedies to try if you find yourself in an extreme congestion
1. saline rinses (netti pot, non drug sprays, etc)
2. steam rooms/hot shower 2x-3x a day
3. hot tea
4. spicy foods
5. maintain proper hydration
6. multi-vitamin
7. ecchinacea

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