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I believe in an organic approach to health, including personal accountability. I am a personal trainer, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and I teach bootcamps, back and abs classes, TRX suspension training and Piyo- an athletic blend of yoga pilates, dance and more. I graduated Sonoma State University with my BS in Kinesiology, exercise science, and am in the process of getting my MBA from JFKU. California isn't a place- its a state of being ;)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hot potatoes

I was telling a client about how many reps and sets they needed to reach their goals. I was trying to explain that a workout has to be hard to be any good, and I was thinking about it... if everyone could be buff without trying hard, well then there would be buff couch potatoes. Hot couch potatoes... why they'd be HOT POTATOES

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